Citibank wait time between applications to avoid being automatically declined Credit Cards.


It helps to know the wait time before you should submit additional Credit Card applications to take advantage of bonus points offers from different cards.

I just found out this one.

If you are declined a Credit Card for which Citibank is the credit provider, you must wait 3 months from the date of being declined or you will automatically be declined any credit card for which Citibank is the credit provider. Citibank is the credit provider of a number of different credit cards (eg Virgin Money).  It doesn’t matter which card you apply for, if Citibank is the credit provider and they decline you, DON’T APPLY for another card backed by Citibank within 3 months or you will be automatically declined and your 3 months waiting period will just start again from the next card declined.  That’s my understanding anyway, and I hope it helps 🙂

Does anyone know the other wait times for different providers?




  • American Express would appear to be the same – 3 months wait time if declined.

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