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I travel Brisbane-Stockholm-Brisbane at least once per year. Done that for many years and doing it with Singapore Airlines. I use points when I pay for my tickets and my chosen seats in Economy Class. Since running low on points now I decided to apply for the Citibank Rewards Platinum Card that is said to be connected to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer. A promotion said they would give me 90 000 points if I spend AUD 3000 withing 90 days after accepted application. It almost took 3 weeks to get the card after the application was accepted. I have now managed to get in writing that I can get 100 000 (!) points with these AUD 3000. But there was some recent advertising about 120 000 points and I asked about that. They have NOT answered my question about that. It takes 6-8 weeks to get the points to the account after the AUD 3000 are spent and verified.

I have not asked about transferring the points to KrisFlyer yet. Firstly I havent consumed AUD 3000 yet and secondly I will probably get information that is not valid in the next step.

So my experience so far is that t is very hard to communicate with Citibank. They don’t read my questions properly when I email them. (If I talk to them on the phone I have difficulties understanding some dialects since English isn’t my first language so I avoid doing that.)

They give me conflicting information almost every time I communicate with them. I have had issues with using the card in the vendors’ machines and I sent them a question about that. I got an answer that I was not satisfied with (did not match with the real life experience I had), so I had to ask again and then I got a different answer.

This just a small part of all that I have been experiencing with them.

I would probably have been better off with going with American Express. I have one AMEX card in Europe connected to SAS Eurobonus and I use that if I need to fly in Europe.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines is part of Star Alliance and so is Singapore Airlines. I wonder if it is possible to transfer my existing Amex Eurobonus points to Star Alliance. Haven’t managed to find that information on line.

Sum up:

  1. Citibank, hmmmm, nahhh
  2. Eurobonus Amex points transferable or usable somehow in connection with Star Alliance and Krisflyer?

Any comments, anybody? Thank you!

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    For future questions, it may be better if you could post it under the Question and Answer section of the Community. This space is more for posting tips and deals.

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