Buy Velocity points at a 20% discount


Hi Guys,

With the current SPG promo (30%) discount on points purchase and the targeted Velocity points bonus (20%) from various hotel loyalty programs, there is an opportunity to leverage both and save 20%. This hack will appeal to those who are targeting a redemption on VA but are a few thousand points short. So here goes.

If you need 30,000 Velocity points, you can either buy this direct, which would cost you $787 (sourced from Virgin website), or you can buy 20,000 Starpoints for US $490. With the current conversion rate of 1.33, that is approx. A$651.70 With the usual 5,000 Starpoint bonus, you will receive 25,000 Velocity points in your account for $651.70

Then with the current 20% bonus points offered by Velocity on SPG transfers, this will net you an additional 5,000 points (25,000X20%). In the end, you have scored 30,000 Velocity points for $651.70, instead of the usual $787, a savings of 20%.


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