Bonus 70,000 QFF Points on CitiBank Rewards Signature Visa & Reduced Annual Fee


Just noticed on the Qantas FF Credit Card comparison website that CitiBank has a deal running until 31 July 2016 of 70,000 bonus QFF points on a new CitiBank Rewards Signature Visa with reduced annual fee in the first year of $99 plus $49 opt-in to Citi Qantas Rewards. If you value the points at 2cents each thats $1,400 of value for $148!

  • Can confirm its 70,000 points.

  • So, confirmed with the online chat and currently they have TWO different promotions going on for the Qantas Signature card. One is 70000 points with $3000 spend and $99 fee the first year; the second one is 50000 points with $2000 spend and $149 fee.

  • So I just signed up for this and got the card activated. I already had a CitiBank Rewards Signature Visa which was free for life and was accumulating CitiRewards so was concerned I wouldn’t get the 70k but thought it was worth a shot. When connecting my new card to qantas was charged a $49 optin and $99 membership which I just need to cancel within a year otherwise the yearly fee jumps up again. Go for it!

  • I applied for this card before 30th September and I am currently going through the approval process.

    They are telling me the minimum credit limit is $15000. Is this true or are they trying to convince people to go higher

  • Yes it’s true, that is the minimum credit limit on that type of card.

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