Beware of redeeming Qantas lounge passes!


Hi all,

A family member is about to reach Gold Qantas frequent flyer status and had two lounges passes on her account to use.

She received an email from Qantas prior to departure offering her to use the lounge passes on a up coming flight. She was flying Melbourne to Brisbane return this month and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to redeem her lounge passes as she had done so previously without any issues on the same flight leg the previous year.

When she clicked on the link she was taken to the Qantas website where she was able to select the Brisbane-Melbourne flight to redeem passes for the Brisbane and Melbourne lounges. However every time she clicked on Melbourne-Brisbane flight to use the Melbourne lounge an error would occur.

She spoke with the online Qantas live chat bot who instructed her to keep trying and advised that she couldn’t see any issues on their end. After about 30 minutes going back and forth the Qantas bot advised that she had checked with someone and found that for the next year while Qantas is upgrading their domestic lounge no lounge passes could be redeemed for the Melbourne domestic lounge.

I understand that the lounge does reserve the right to refuse ‘guests’ during peak times however you would think that some form of communication would have been sent to all people holding lounge passes that while the Melbourne lounge is being renovated no passes could be redeemed. Melbourne is the second busiest Australian Airport and I’m sure a lot of people would like to redeem their passes there.

I should also add that the email she received from Qantas prior to her flight was advertising her to use the passes for both the Brisbane and Melbourne lounge on her next trip.



  • It is clearly stated in their website that while renovation is happening, they won’t accept QF passes. I guess it’s hard for QF to track who has the pass and who hasn’t as these passes are given out by banks, not QF.

    But I do agree that QF should compensate people with lounge passes somehow. Maybe in the form of meal voucher, especially for those lounge passes that are about to expire.

  • Hi Michael,

    Don’t get me wrong, I do think it is fair that they restrict the amount of people using the lounge during the renovations. The Melbourne domestic lounge was always busy even before the renovations started!

    As I said in my first post, she received an email from Qantas offering her to use her available lounge passes for both the Brisbane and Melbourne lounges. The email was received after the renovations had started.

    Her lounge passes were received from Qantas (not a bank) for reaching Qantas silver status. As Qantas now has online passes (to combat people selling them online) instead of the old paper ones they would send out, I think it would be easy to send out some form of communication to everyone in their system who have lounge passes available to be used informing them of the Melbourne domestic lounge being unavailable for redemption over the next year!



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