Beware: Velocé Lounge Access with ANZ Black no longer accepted at Denpasar


ANZ  Black  card that supposedly gives you access to selected lounges around the world no longer is allowable at Bali’s airport.

They said at the door they do not accept any Australian bank cards anymore. I could however join their Priority Pass club which would get me in the door.

I find it very annoying that I bothered to check the ANZ web site for a list of lounges and Bali was still on it but apparently has not been acceptable for over a year.

  • It is disappointing to see ANZ’s black card not being granted access to more and more lounges. Lounge lists on the website are outdated. I suggest you go on the Veloce website, enter in your card details and see the list of lounges that it connected with ANZ-Veloce program. Throughout the last 2 yrs – I have seen the drastic reduction of access into their lounges – particularly in Asia [ Bali, Seoul, Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore (last week – T3) ] Not sure how the system works – whether it is Veloce that lacks the ability to keep lounges onboard or the downgrade of ANZ’s level in the program. Disappointing….

  • Travelling to and from Singapore quite often, I was quite shocked that they have removed access to the Terminal 3 transit lounge as well. The worst part was probably the fact that it just happens without warning – very poor customer experience.

  • Add Menzies Lounge in Prague to the list of lounges listed but not accepted. This one though i’ll blame on the lady working there, not ANZ. She appeared quite disinterested as I approached her, I handed her the card and she just replied we do not accept that card, I insisted she swipe it, that she begrudgingly did, to immediately hand it back and say NO. I then had to resort to a very overpriced muffin and bad coffee for breakfast ?

  • I have had a continuing correspondence with ANZ cards re this issue after I tried to use the lounge listed at HKG last week
    No one knew anything about it in HKG
    Anna Ha at ANZ cards says she wants to know where I got the list of participating lounges
    I have mentioned banking ombudsman

    she sounds concerned at this
    Any feedback appreciated … not happy

  • Yes, disappointing, how did you get on with the ombudsman?

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