Air Berlin Status Match


Air Berlin is at it again. This appears to be a yearly thing based on their previous offer. All you need it Gold with any other airline and Air Berlin gold is yours!

Due to its unique partnership with Virgin Australia, this card also get’s you into the Virgin Australia lounges + of course all the One World lounges including Qantas.

This is THE best status to hold if you’re in Australia.

Good luck:

  • Looks like it is just for European FF. Not for Australians. Bummer

  • Yes indeed only for certain countries, so what you need to do is use a friend’s address or get a forwarding address in the USA ?

  • Just in case it helps others: it’s not even for European FF…

    “This action is limited to the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and USA”

    As a Brit, I can’t get a status match, which is a shame. Though not altogether unexpected.

  • Hi James, as i mentioned above. Just sign up with a foreigh address (prefferably forwarding one). Worst case you can always pick a random address. Wait until status is approved. Change address & request a new card to be send out to you ?

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