Credit Card Annual Fee Reminders

About this service

Remembering that your credit card annual fees are becoming due is a key part of managing your points earn strategy – continuing to pay for a card you no longer use by forgetting the fee is due is a great way to add bill-shock to your life.

Point Hacks can remind you that your annual fee is due for the credit cards you hold – tell us which cards you would like fee reminders for and roughly when the fee is likely to be due, and we’ll send you an email in the month or so before to remind you.

You could also receive (very infrequent) emails notifying you of any major changes to the benefits of the cards you hold – for example a reduction in points earn rate, or the addition of a new card benefit. You’ll only receive this for material changes to the benefits of a card, and these happen usually no more than once per year.

No additional email will be received by opting into this service.