Canberra – July 2016

Qantas Sydney T3 Domestic Business Lounge Overview

Qantas Sydney T3 Domestic Business Lounge Overview | Point Hacks

As part of a recent trip to Canberra in Qantas Business Class, I called into the Qantas Domestic Business Class Lounge in Sydney so we could create this overview of one of Qantas’ flagship domestic lounges.

In short – while the Sydney lounge is not part of their recent lounge refurbishment program in Perth, Canberra and soon Brisbane – it still has good views, dining and comfortable seating, whilst still feeling relatively modern.
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Driving vs flying to Canberra from Sydney, Business Class-style. Which wins?

Hertz have had their Gold Plus Rewards program for a while now, and they would like everyone to hear about it – so they have sponsored Point Hacks during July and August. Thanks Hertz!

As part of our brief we wanted to showcase a premium Hertz rental and see if we could tease out some of the benefits of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. As we’ve explained in our Hertz Gold Plus Rewards guide, the program allows you to earn frequent flyer or Hertz points for your rentals.

Point Hacks has a focus on using points for premium travel – so our idea? Let’s test Car vs Plane, Business Class style…
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Qantas 717 Domestic Business Class – Sydney to Canberra QF1515 Review

QantasLink Boeing 717 | Point Hacks

Qantas have a fleet of 20 Boeing 717 small jet aircraft which you’ll find on a range of domestic routes operate by QantasLink.

As part of the car vs plane comparison from Sydney to Canberra (coming later today!), I redeemed points for Business Class on one of the couple of daily flights operated by a 717 between the two cities – and one of the shortest flights with a Business Class cabin in Australia, with around 45 minutes of flight time.

Most flights don’t have business class, but a couple do – and this is what you can expect if you’re booked on one, or decide to use points for an upgrade or redemption. Hint – you probably shouldn’t.
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