Qantas is currently running a Double Status Credits promotion, which is great for those looking at achieving or retaining Qantas elite status.

Here are some of the best flights to take in order to fast-track your way to Gold or above. Remember, you need 700/600 Status Credits (SCs) to achieve/maintain Gold.

You may also be interested in the routes that can earn you Velocity status the quickest.

Qantas 737 Domestic Business Class
While you may have to spend multiple hours in these recliner Business Class seats, it may make it worth it to access elite benefits later on

Best routes to do a Qantas status run on in 2020

  1. Bali (via Sydney/Melbourne)
  2. Jakarta (via Sydney)
  3. Nouméa (via Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane)
  4. Auckland/Christchurch/Wellington (via Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane)
  5. Tokyo (via Sydney)
  6. Santiago (via Melbourne & Sydney)
  7. London (via Brisbane & Singapore)
Most popular Qantas status run routes
You are most likely to fly through the East Coast to Indonesia, New Caledonia or New Zealand
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Top tips to maximise a Qantas status run

  • Fly Business Class
  • Purchase a return ticket
  • Stick to Qantas-operated flights
  • Make as many connections as possible
Most popular Qantas status run routes
Whilst the fastest way to get from Perth to Nouméa would be one-stop via Sydney or Brisbane, try to maximise your domestic connections on the way there
  • Try to originate your journey in a smaller capital city or regional airport to lower the price
  • When travelling to Bali, try to fly via Sydney on the A330 rather than Melbourne on the 737 for more comfort

How to work out if you’re getting a good price on a Qantas status run

  1. Make sure to first register for the double Status Credits promotion
  2. Research flights to the destinations listed above on Google Flights
  3. Aim for Business Class fares in the range of $1,200-2,200 return
  4. Click through to the Qantas website
  5. Locate the Status Credits earned line
  6. Perform the Status Credits calculation below
  7. Aim for a target of under $4 per SC (under $3 is a great deal)

Status Credits calculation

Total fare / (Status Credits earn per direction * 2 * 2) = $X per Status Credit

An example

Say you live in Brisbane and are happy to travel to Bali for a status run. You find a return Business Class ticket for $1,969 on Google Flights.

Qantas fare on google flights

Click through to the Qantas website and it will show you how many SCs are earned (180 each way).

Qantas Status Credits earn

The double Status Credits promotion boosts that from 360 to 720 SCs, which is enough to qualify for Gold status.

The calculation would be:

$1,969 / (180 * 2 * 2) = $2.73 per Status Credit

Summing up

If you are looking for Qantas status and have some cash on hand, then the routes above could be some good ones to research. Remember, the more segments flown, the more Status Credits are earned.

Do you have any other suggestions to add to the table above for the benefit of other Point Hacks readers? Share in the comments below!

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