US Airways offers cheap Dividend Miles with 100% bonus on shared miles

I’m not going to to go into this one in massive detail, primarily because you already need to have a stash of US Airways miles to work with to make the most of this promotion. However if you took advantage of the purchase miles promotion, and read my quick overview of how to use it last month, you can definitely leverage your purchased miles even further until October 15th with US Airways latest 100% bonus on shared miles.

The best breakdowns of the deal are those from Gary at View from the Wing and The Points Guy. I’m not going to repeat what they’ve said, so go read those posts – in a nutshell, you can earn up to 50,000 bonus US Airways Dividend Miles for 1.1c US per mile by transferring to a different account. Accounts need to be open for 12 days to be eligible, so open a new account now if you need.

I have 60k US Airways miles awaiting a redemption at some point in the future. I’m very tempted to transfer out 45k and 15k to two different accounts, leaving 90k in one account, and 30k in another – 30k miles being enough for a return Business Class redemption to New Zealand from Australia, or anywhere in the South Pacific for that matter.

If you have some US Airways miles in your account, it’s probably worth considering, even without firm travel plans to use them for.


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  1. Staffan

    Hi Keith,

    I have an empty account at the moment, but looking to top it up a bit. Would you be interested in doing a share-trade? If you transfer 50k miles to my account, I’ll transfer 50k back to you, leaving us both with 50k new miles.

    Please email me at staffh at Gmail dot com if you’re interested!

    • Keith Author

      Staffan – that’s a great idea, but not one for me – could just open a new account to do the same for myself, and with no risk of others being involved (no offence!)
      Happy for you/anyone else using the comments section to hook up for mutual benefit though, but no responsibility taken by me if anything goes wrong. You could post the offer against this post on Facebook too.

      • Staffan

        Hi Keith,

        Totally understandable!

        On a positive (unrelated) note, I signed up for an AmEx Platinum Edge card via your referral link and received the referral bonus despite already having an AmEx card. I’m assuming you should already have received your bonus points as well at this point.

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