Virgin Australia status credits - what will happen to excess status credits once you hit Platinum?



I use family pooling to transfer my status credits and points to my partner as she does more travelling that me.

She is around 50 status credits shy of getting Platinum. However we are going to Asia in Premium Economy in December this year which should get over 300+ status credits.

My question is, will the additional status credits be wasted if she gets to Platinum? i.e. will Virgin simply apply the 50 status credits to her account to hit platinum, but the rest will be thrown away essentially?

I ask this because we were sure that when she hit Gold earlier this year, she should have hit it and be another 10 status credits in front, but she had that reset to 0.

Or was this an issue due to simple timing of the rolling status credit calendar?


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If you manage to hit 1500 status credits then your wife can ‘gift’ you a gold membership. Might be worth thinking about?

From the velocity website:

“Companion Gold and Platinum Membership
As a Platinum member, you can share your Velocity benefits and rewards with a friend or family member.

If you earn an additional 500 Status Credits on top of the Status Credits required to maintain Platinum within your 12 month membership period, you can gift a Gold membership to a companion of your choice. Earn an additional 1,000 Status Credits on top of the Status Credits required to maintain Platinum within your membership period and you can gift a Platinum membership to a companion of your choice^.”

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Hi,  Yes we’ll definitely going for the gifting option.  However, my question still stands and that is, will the majority of the status credits be lost once she moves to Platinum?

  • I use QFF as an example (hope it is valid for VFF too).

    She will get more than 50 SC credited. If there is a level above Plat, the SC counter will say how much more to next level.

    AFAIK, if there are no next level, any extras would not roll over to the next 12 mths. Unfortunately, that is the nature of the game. Same for if you have qualified for Silver or Gold but just missed the mark for the next level -> encouraging you to get the last bit of SC to get to next level. Hence, why people do status/point runs (flying for the sake of status and points only).

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