Are council rates classed as government spend by AMEX?

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Hi, I wanted to know if council rates (Mine takes AMEX) is classed as government spend

on the website it says
Post Office
etc are 0.5
what is councils classed under?



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Hi Steve,

I can’t tell you for sure – the only way to really know is to give it a try (or get a neighbour to try :P). Technically, as they’re local government, they should only receive 0.5:1, but I know of lots of people who’ve had various random utilities/telcos come through at 1:1.

FWIW, I pay my rates using PayPal via PostBillPay (my council is listed on this site). This makes sure I get the 1:1 (using Edge). The only other option to be 100% sure is to just use a bank black Amex like ANZ/Westpac etc. (if you have one).

  • Steve
    I have never had any luck with a couple of different Amex cards over the years getting 1:1 with Amex. only o.5:1 on coucil rates ,and the council charges 1.5% so not such good value. Bankwest m/c (C’weath) earns 1:1 on council rates and ATO.
    Darren’s comment above using Paypal also makes a lot of sense

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Yup did a tester and it was only 0.5. Was trying to get my spend for the explorer card. Should have done paypal. but i thought even if you do that through postbillpay it’s still 0.5.

moral of the story is – use bank issued card.

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