Earning points – First Principles: Earning by flying

Flights is an obvious one for earning points, although unless you’re flying regularly, you’re not going to earn that many points from being up in the air.

One part of flying a regular airline is status, which helps you earn more points when you fly. Generally speaking, Virgin Australia are easier to gain and keep status with, due to Family Pooling, which means one person gets the status credits of everyone in the family when any of you fly.

We fly domestically maybe two or three times a year as a family, and generally on Virgin Australia. With Velocity Family Pooling, I get all the points and status of my wife (and son when he turns 2). This works fabulously, as that extra status gives me a higher points earning rate when flying, and also gives us a few extra perks like two lounge passes a year. Without Family Pooling, we’d not get enough flights under our belts for anyone to gain status.

Qantas also offers a Family Transfer service, whereby points can be transferred between family members. Note there are some restrictions, and you cannot transfer Status Credits.

As said when talking about airline partnerships, you can also earn points when flying with partner airlines of either Virgin or Qantas.

Earning Points: First Principles

Using Points: First Principles

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