10,000 QF Points on latest EpiQure Email today.


For me seemed like a reasonable deal –

My rationale:

$285 for Mixed Dozen Reds (23.75 per bottle)=10000 Pts

3 points per dollar (Epiqure Member) = 855 Pts

2 points per dollar Card Bonus = 570 Pts

Total Points = 11425 Pts, valued at 1c/pt cost/redemption value = $114

= Dozen good quality Reds at ($285 – $114), = $171/12 = $14/bottle.




  • etrust :

    2 points per dollar Card Bonus = 570 Pts

    What card give you 2 points per dollar . i have ANZ FF which stated Bonus 1 point per dollar on Qantas product not sure if spend on EpiQure eligible ?

  • I used my Macqaurie Visa, but the 2pt/$ for QF purchase does not apply to Epiqure, I have since checked and discovered. Good deal nonetheless.

  • Hey guys – also keep an eye out on this article which is re-published weekly:
    Does a lot of the calcs for you so you can see which wines are the best value in terms of points per bottle. No taste testing or reviews yet… Keith? :)

  • Interestingly enough – that deal is now showing as SOLD OUT. However Epicure is selling those same dozen from another link on their page for $180 minus the 10k points. So there you go, Qantas Epicure themselves are effectively selling the points to you at $105 per 10K. Represents fair value in the market I’d say for what we value QF points at.

  • It was showing up as SOLD OUT but now they have more stock available. I got this deal yesterday :)

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